Emmanuel Alumni Association

Jacqueline Waldon, President
​Laverne Saunders, Secretary
​Tammy Ard, Treasurer 


The newly formed  Emmanuel Alumni Association is in search of all alumni and supporters of Emmanuel SDA School & Preschool since the 1952. It is our hope and prayer that many will pitch in to help restore and revive the first Black private school in Tangipahoa Parish!

​We are soliciting everyone' s support to help prevent our School & Preschool from closing its doors.  In 1996, our enrollment was 110 students, and today we have only 18 students which is not enough to take care of our operational expense and pay our staff. It is only by the grace of God that we have remained opened. And we, the Emmanuel Alumni Association is confident that this it is not the will of God for our doors to be closed.  Therefore, we are depending on God to use our Association in a mighty way to reach out to all the Alumni and Supports, for with God, all things are possible!

​​We have obtained an Engineer who has already drew up the plans and contacted a contractor to do the renovation and beautification, and we are so excited!!! 

​We need everyone to get the word out to help raise funds. Our goal is to raise $100,000.00 by May 30th, 2019 so we can start the renovation by July 1, 2019. We can do it by the POWER of GOD...for with there are no LIMITS!!! 


Do you see your name as a student?

Emmanuel Alumni Association