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9th - 12th Grade

We are proud to annouce that our 9-12 graders will be enrolled into the Abeka master video program which is fully accredited.  See below information and samples taken from the abeka website.  

Facilitators & Proctors

Ms. Jody Whitfield


What do the video lessons look like?

Instructions: Play the sample video once you choose a grade and a subject.            

View sample videos for grades and subjects



Objectives & Outcomes of the Abekas program

What will students learn with Abeka? What kind of people will they become? Leading your children or your students down the path toward academic excellence and Christian character isn’t easy, but it will always be worth it. We're here to help. Our aim is for each student—either at home or in a Christian school classroom—to grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually.



Teaching from a practical, traditional approach will develop your students intellectually. They’ll be able to demonstrate appropriate grade-level knowledge aligned with our scope and sequence, achieve or exceed grade-level scores on nationally normed standardized testing, and pursue a college program of study.



Through traditional teaching designed to help instill good character and by meeting program expectations, students will be able to display personal integrity in their everyday lives and discern right from wrong.



Because of daily Bible instruction and use of a Christian curriculum, students will be able to apply biblical truths from God’s Word to their own lives, demonstrate knowledge of the doctrines of the Bible, and choose prayer and memorizing Scripture to grow in their faith.